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Testimonials | Fluid Fitness



When I signed up for Fluid Health and Fitness in April of 2015, I felt like a walking cliché: I was an overweight, 50-something mom who never exercised. Over the previous years, I had intermittently tried some other home-based fitness plans without success. But as soon as I joined the program, it very quickly proved to be a genuine partnership between the trainers, myself and all my fellow program participants. I suddenly found myself surrounded by like-minded people who were equally passionate about achieving real, consistent, positive changes in lifestyle. Fluid Health and Fitness, and the community created there by Ryan, finally set me up to lose weight, build muscle, eat healthy, and—most importantly—feel better about myself.

The earliest milestone in my transformation was losing 30 pounds—but more importantly, my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are now in their normal ranges. This program pivots on functional fitness, meaning the workouts advocates are rooted in smart, sustainable, anatomy-conscious movements. With this approach, even in my late fifties, I have the energy, endurance, coordination, stability, and confidence to hike in Grand Marais or run around with my grandson.

When I initially joined Fluid Health and Fitness, I promised myself I would give it 6-12 months to give myself a real shot at finally becoming healthy. As I continue on this journey over 2.5 years later, I’m encouraged after each session by subtle changes in myself: whether it’s a smaller waistline (I’m now a size 6/8), being able to wear skinny jeans, run 5Ks (which for me is unbelievable), or simply be better-equipped to handle the regular emotional and physical stresses of life. I can say with absolute certainty that Fluid Health and Fitness has empowered me to be the best me I can be.


The Fluid Fitness program has figured out the secret sauce to get you moving with purpose again.  This fun, engaging program WILL undo the damage of sitting at a desk, repetitive motions, and your old warrior injuries.  After 20+ years of off and on physical therapy to manage my shoulder (surgery) and lower back pain (degenerated disc), Fluid Fitness provided the real solution based in science that finally got me back to the volleyball court.  You will reap the financial rewards of a class-based exercise program that is uniquely tailored to your individual functional movement state based on how you are moving and feeling that day. Fluid Fitness is different in that it teaches you how to move in proper alignment and work out the facial tension to maintain proper alignment that is all reinforced through the strength and cardio workouts.  Even better, for those with hectic schedules, take it with you because it is virtual too!

We are all unique individuals, but we all have very common compensations due to simple biomechanics.  There is a simple, one size fits all solution to optimizing your health, Fluid Fitness has created that solution.


I find the Fluid program different than any other workout plans I have learned or known in the past. The concept makes sense. The program actually works.  It is simple yet challenging. I LOVE how it’s tailored to my body, my needs, my limitations & my abilities.  Mostly, I am fascinated by how it’s designed to work for every body type, age group with physical restrictions, athletic abilities or lack thereof.

The built in step by step directions and guidelines have been crucial.  They teach me how to use the right muscles for every movement to prevent unnecessary wear & tear or possible injuries. As a result I have improved my posture significantly by not over using certain muscles and strengthening other muscle groups.

I enjoy going to the class (and I have always hated working out). I know I have learned a lot, yet have a long ways to go to achieve my goals and I trust Fluid will get me there. I simply cannot afford not doing this!!!……”


Totally thought I needed knee surgery, wore a brace for two years still in pain. Five weeks after the Fluid program… no brace and no pain. Money well spent to improve my health versus paying the health insurance deductible for surgery.


I’ve had hip resurfacing and knee replacement. I feel stronger and my legs don’t hurt anymore. I’m eating more and losing weight! But the biggest change is that my posture has drastically improved. So much that my friends and family are asking what I’m doing!

Mark & Val


I’ve been a participant in Fluid for 2.5 years. Over the past 10 years, I started adding 1-2 lbs per year. The program has helped me lose and maintain a 20-lbs weight loss. My goal is to LIVE until I die, i.e., a functional life. This program corrected postural issues that I wasn’t aware of to help me avoid injury and obtain my life long goals.


I’ve been a participant in Fluid for two years. Prior to I worked out regularly three days a week.   I didn’t like classes or programs. I thought I was in pretty good shape…in fact I wasn’t. In the summer of 2015 my doctor said I was on the edge of becoming pre-diabetic and he wanted me to go on a exercise and nutrition program.  Since then I joined Fluid,  lost 20 pounds and have kept it off. I transitioned from ‘orthopedic’ exercise shoes with two sets of inserts to flat, flexible shoes. I’ve improved posture, mobility and flexibility.

How do we interact and support each other?

      • Attend different class times, but cross over 1x per week.
      • Talk shop after class and bounce what they’ve learned from class and instructor.   It gives another perspective to what we both benefit from the class.
      • We talk about the weekly updates and apply them to our situations whenever possible facilitating a positive outcome.
      • The nutritional coaching is integral for weight loss, maintenance and well-being.
      • The value of adequate protein, clean food and hydration is critical.
      • As a couple it is much easier to make positive food choices together as we support each other through this journey.




Although Fluid is not a quick fix to all your ailments I have increased my strength, range of motion and energy level and  lost weight since I started following the program for two years ago. I’ve been able to stick with it and I’ve seen better results with Fluid because the focus is on doing the right thing for your body, whether it be exercise, nutrition or rest. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.



I joined Fluid after 12 weeks of recovering from two torn muscles. I needed something different to help me get back in shape. The Fluid program was just starting in my gym, so I said “just do it”, and I’m happy I did.

The trainers have guided me closely to have correct technique, which is so important for preventing injury. They have also pushed me harder and further than I would ever have done on my own. Fluid’s nutrition experts are there to help guide you to good eating and getting your body the nutrients it needs so you can optimize your workout potential. It is not easy, but when you see and feel the changes in yourself it all becomes worth it, and for that I am deeply grateful to Russ and Ryan. My body looks better and feels stronger, and at my age that is awesome! Thank you Fluid Team!


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