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Fluid Health and Fitness is a one of a kind movement management system that adapts and develops exercises that allow you to perform activities of everyday life more easily and without the risk of injury.

We track and assess your motion health and treat it like a vital sign. We use it to predict and prevent injury and to set baselines for how you should be moving. It’s a new way of thinking about performance.  Don’t just train, restore.




We build healthy employees and healthy workspaces. By mixing health promotion with health protection, our programs help your company evolve.




Take Fluid with you wherever you go. Access personalized virtual training, mobility coaching, metabolic conditioning, nutrition management tools, social support and more.
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The Power of Hope

When life overwhelms us, our instinctual reaction is to usually disengage from the source. The mind becomes hijacked by negative, catastrophic thinking, because it becomes stuck on the potential and ramifications of the negative outcomes. For example, if we have a bad...

Designed to Move | Flared Rib Cage

What is a Flared Rib Cage? When the bottom half of the rib cage is in neutral alignment with the spine, it is positioned inwards and downwards. However, if the core muscles are weak, there can be excessive curvature of the lower spine (lordosis) which can pull the rib...


Trying to find inspiration often seems like trying to chase phantoms. When we are looking for it, it’s hard to pin down; however, when we stop the search, it tends to find us. We often tunnel vision ourselves into a few specific categories of how things should be or...

Community Support

When we are stressed out, our best line of defense is to positively connect with other individuals. They act as a buffer against life’s difficulties and surprises in the form of emotional support, humor, a partner for fun activities. Sometimes, just having people...

Designed to Move | Elevated Shoulders

What are Elevated Shoulders? Having elevated shoulders refers to the movement distortion where the shoulder complex and muscles are raised up above the neutral alignment due to muscular strength imbalances around the rib cage and back muscles (rhomboids and...

Physical Contributors to Stress | Medications/Drugs

Advancements in medications and treatments in healthcare have made a significant difference in the last couple of decades; however many of these medications come with their own set of side effects that cannot be ignored. Pharmacology and Stress: It is important to...

Designed to Move | Hyperinflation

What Is Hyperinflation? Hyperinflation refers to the condition where the rib cage is in a sustained expanded position due to shallow and restricted breathing mechanics. Moreover, then, the muscles of the chest and neck areas become so tight that it makes it difficult...

Don’t Keep Waiting… Take Action!

Being prepared is usually considered a positive, but always waiting for the right moment to take action comes at an opportunity cost. We will never know all the relevant information regarding a situation or project so holding out for it will become a never-ending...

Designed to Move | Posterior Hip Tilt

What is Posterior Hip Tilt? Posterior hip tilt refers to a movement distortion where the pelvis is rotated backwards and upwards. As a result, the lower back becomes flattened and juts forward (the butt lacks definition and roundness). This leads to an excessive...

Designed to Move | IT Band Syndrome

What is IT Band Syndrome? IT band syndrome refers to a medical condition where a tendon in front of the thigh down to the knee, the iliotibial (IT) band, becomes inflamed due to excess pressure and stress on the surrounding soft tissue and synovial fluid. This causes...