Although there is a major focus for us to stay healthy through regular exercise and diet, what about our pets? Most definitely! Our domesticated companions need to stay healthy as much as we do.  They suffer from the same common medical issues include obesity, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, breathing issues, etc.

Benefits of Exercise

Bonding and socializing – Playing and exercising with your dog on a daily basis can help build trust and an emotion connection between you and your  dog, This security allows  your pet to feel safe in his environment and to befriend other animals and humans.

Reduces boredom and anxiety – Regular exercise helps to burn off energy to alleviate boredom and anxiety. When a pet becomes bored and anxious, it may act out (chewing things up, marking territory, nipping, incessant whining and barking) to get the owner’s attention. With exercise, the dog feels acknowledged and content so that he relaxes and stays out of trouble.

Mutually beneficial– Having a pet, especially a dog, gives you the perfect opportunity to go on walks 2-3x a day. It is important to help maintain your dog’s weight to prevent medical conditions much like humans. Additionally,

Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Maintain vaccines and preventatives – Rabies, ringworm, flea & tick vaccines and medications that help certain medical conditions.

Watch the food and water intake – the amount of food and water a dog needs is based on size, weight, and activity level. A continuous excess of food can cause weight gain and joint issues. Also, making sure that your dog has enough water prevents dehydration and overheating issues

Limit scraps from the table- Even though it can be fun to spoil a pet, much of what we eat at mealtime is too calorie-dense for a canine. Plus, certain foods such as chocolate, grapes, and sausages, macadamia nuts can be harmful to dogs.

Physical activity – walking up and down stairs, swimming, running, going on the treadmill.

Play brain games – Puzzle games, agility courses, games with treats. This is great for mental stimulation and keeps boredom at bay.

Play with toys – throw a ball, play fetch, tug of war, etc.