A one of a kind virtual training application

The benefits of our live experience – all in the palm of your hand

Imagine a personally tailored training experience – anytime, anywhere. Access to our Core | 6 functional movement assessments, custom video workouts that progress as you do, cardio assessments, heart rate zone training, and virtual nutrition coaching, all created and taught by certified movement specialist and registered dietitians.

Fluid Core | 6 Movement System

Our exclusive functional movement screen assesses quality of movement in 6 key areas of your body. These areas are graded and assigned specific strength exercises based on your ability to balance, transition and dynamically integrate the movements into every day activities.

Core | 6 Functional Strength Training

The results from the Fluid Core | 6 assessment are used to customize the strength element of your program. This is how we individualize your experience despite being in a virtual environment.

Core | 6 Mobility

The results from your Fluid Core | 6 assessment indicate which areas of your body may have excess tension. We provide you with detailed video tutorials on how to perform self myofascial release and “neuro” stretching to increase range of motion in each of these areas.

Metabolic Conditioning & Zone Training

Take our virtual cardio assessment and arm yourself with personalized heart rate zones. By using heart rate zone training in your strength and cardio workouts we create a level of precision that ensures you get results.

Tracking & Accountability

Using our online dashboard, you can record and track your body composition, heart rate zones, BMR and caloric intakes along with the outcomes from your Core | 6 movement assessment.

Nutrition Management and Coaching

Use our calorie-intake calculator to determine your daily caloric needs. In addition to determining the calories needed to maintain weight, we provide a calorie goal which establishes a healthy deficit to lose weight safely. Every member receives a consultation with a registered dietitian and weekly nutrition calls.

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