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Your body was

designed to move.

Don’t just train. Restore.

The Fluid Core | 6 training model is a one of a kind group training system that applies the study of optimal human movement to rehabilitate, restore and progress every participant regardless of prior fitness level.

Your first goal when approaching an exercise program is to prevent injury and eliminate pain. This should be your priority. Weight loss, muscle building or athletic performance won’t matter if your injured.

Functional Movement Training

Fluid Health and Fitness is a proactive movement management system that adapts and develops exercises that allow individuals to perform activities of everyday life more easily and without the risk of injury.

Using our exclusive Core | 6 movement assessment you’ll evaluate six key areas of your body to identify movement limitations and muscle imbalances. Once we capture your unique movement quality we tailor a program specific to you.

It’s a progressive system

Fluid is a progressive system, meaning as your body changes so will your program. We take a gradual step-by-step approach to your body’s development. So whether you’re an athlete returning from an injury, a person new to exercise or someone simply seeking a better quality of life, we’re able to adapt and progress the program to your specific needs.

Everyone can move without pain. They just haven’t been taught how to move the right way.


Certified Movement Specialists

Fluid Core | 6 is a grading system for functional movement. We use the results from the test to customize the strength element of your program. This is how we individualize your experience despite being in a group environment. Our instructors are Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists who are taught to identify your movement distortion syndromes and injury patterns so they can modify exercises to your level of precision.


More than movement

In order to be successful in your health, all elements of a balanced lifestyle must be considered. That’s why your program includes personalized nutrition planning, zone based cardiovascular conditioning and lifestyle coaching.

Our process was developed so these conventional elements of health and fitness work together in a complementary way.

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