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Product Offerings | Fluid Fitness
Group Training

Our integrated training model combines strength, cardio and mobility classes to optimize your
outcomes. Our onboarding assessment process enables your workout experience to be highly
personalized, all while maintaining the energy and support of a group dynamic.
When you start at Fluid you’ll begin your experience in Foundations. The body is intended to
move in a very specific way. We use Foundations to teach the fundamentals of functional
movement. This way you can be sure you’ll understand what anatomical movement is, and what your body’s limits are. It prevents injury and restores function. Once you’re ready, you’ll
progress through three additional stages of training that prepares you for whatever life throws at you.

Unlimited Membership Options

Prices start at $99

(All members receive a free nutrition consultation, 30min Massage, Core |6 Movement Analysis, maximal exertion test, and weekly nutrition guidance)

  • Single
  • Couples
  • Student
  • Drop in rate – $17
One-On-One Specialty Training

If you are looking for more, this option is for you. More attentive guidance, flexible scheduling,
personalization, accountability and privacy. Our staff of Movement Specialist have received higher level training and certifications in biomechanics to make sure you move at your best.

    Trained Movement Specialists

    Prices varies by frequency and commitment length from $79

    • Functional Movement
    • Running
    • Neuromuscular Stretching & Soft Tissue Release
    • Injury Prevention
    • Rehabilitation
    • Sport-Specific Programming
    • Oncology training
    • Metabolic Coaching
    • Heart Rate Variability Training
    • Pregnancy & Postpartum

    Assessments Offered

    • Gait Analysis
    • 3D Infrared Motion Quality Analysis (Fluid Motion Capture System)
    • Full Body Orthopedic Assessment
    • V02 Max Fitness Assessment (Korr Active Metabolic Assessment)
    • REE (Resting Energy Expenditure Testing)
    • OAT (Organic Acid Testing)
    • Metabolic Risk Laboratory Panel

    Prices start at $99

    We provide a collection of massage techniques that improve conditions associated with
    movement dysfunction. Using the results from your movement/posture assessment our
    massage therapists will restore your functional biomechanics through:

    •  Sports Massage
    • Deep Tissue
    • Therapeutic
    • Graston
    • Cupping
    • Self-care techniques
      Restore Movement

      (12 week program minimum)

      The Restore Movement Program is for anyone dealing with recurring musculoskeletal injuries, for those released from clinical rehabilitation and who are looking to get back to their quality of life, or for those who are exercising for longevity and want to understand their body so they can prevent injury.

      The focus of the program is to teach you what functional movement is. We recognize that the study of optimal human movement can be complicated. That’s why we’ve broken down your movement into 6 key areas. We spend 2 weeks reviewing each area. Every week you’ll meet with a Corrective Movement Specialist who will teach you what anatomically correct movement is, along with specific stretches and exercises to restore your movement if it deviates from optimal. A weekly posture check and a teach back movement will be given to ensure comprehensive understanding.

      Nutritional Services

      Proper nutrition is imperative for good health, efficient body function and performance, proper energy supply, proper organ activity and healthy aging. When you work with one of our Registered Dietitians, they’ll complete a thorough nutrition/health evaluation and provide you
      with the best course of action for your specific goals.

      Our team of talented and experienced Nutrition Leads specialize in:

      • Sports Massage
      • Deep Tissue
      • Therapeutic
      • Graston
      • Cupping
      • Self-care techniques

      Prices Vary based on service. Health insurance may apply under certain conditions. All clients receive a free 30 minute consultation with a Registered Dietitian.

      Youth Development Programs

      Our youth development series is much more than just sports ready programs. They provide a comprehensive training protocol that prepares a young athlete to move efficiently and reduces common sports injuries. Through a combination of drills and clinics students will be guided through:

      • Stability and activation
      • Motor skills and motor patterning
      • Functional movement patterns
      • Trunk and Spine positioning
      • Transitional movement efficiency aimed at central nervous system up regulation

      $99 Monthly Memberships

      Launch (ages 6-11) *inquire for dates and times – 4 student minimum

      Dynamic (ages 12-16)

      Drop in rate: $17

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