Proper nutrition is imperative for good health, efficient body function and performance, proper energy supply, proper organ activity and healthy aging. It is also a key factor in maintenance of a healthy weight and proper body fat ratio, as well as strong and healthy muscles. 

When one does not achieve proper nutrition, significant consequences can ensue both physically, mentally, and even unseen internally. A poor diet leads to significant negative changes in the gut microbiome, shifting body chemistry toward a chronic proinflammatory state. This can impact your body’s ability to heal and is associated with many chronic diseases, including chronic pain syndromes. 

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Fluid Nutritional Programs

Base Level Nutrition Pathway

At Fluid Health & Fitness we recognize that implementing nutrition and lifestyle guidance is an essential part of achieving optimal movement, physical function, and improved health. We help to manage lifestyle-related risk factors by providing all members and patients with our base level nutrition education coaching including:

• A nutrition evaluation

• A 60-minute Jump-Start onboarding class with a Registered Dietitian covering:

• How nutrition impacts your health, mood, and recovery

• The best way to balance your diet for optimal movement, healthy weight, and overall wellness

• Macronutrient guidelines and the use of the “Fluid Fit Plate” portion control system

• Weekly nutritional education topics and goals

Specific Nutritional Pathways and Labs

Each person is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another.  That’s why in addition to the base level nutrition pathway, we offer three specific pathways and lab panels for those with special considerations. 

Inflammation and Food Sensitivity Pathway

The Inflammation and Food Sensitivity Pathway helps to determine what foods your body is sensitive to and may be causing you digestive problems or excess inflammation. Food sensitivities have been linked to thyroid disorders, nerve problems, allergies and asthma, and weight gain. 

This is good for individuals dealing with:

• Gastrointestinal Complaints 

• Chronic Migraines

• Low Energy/ Malaise

• Suspected Food Intolerances 

• Nutrient Deficiencies

• Elevated Inflammatory Response 

Testing could include:

• SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Testing

• OAT - Organic Acid Testing



The Cardio Metabolic Risk Pathway

The Cardio Metabolic Risk Pathway is for those at-risk individuals dealing with Metabolic Syndrome, Cardiovascular disease, Pre-diabetes, and Diabetes.  It includes tests for blood sugar regulation, cholesterol and triglycerides, homocysteine (an indicator of heart health) and CRP-hs (a marker of inflammation). These tests should be considered by anyone with a family history of heart disease or for those who want to establish a baseline of cardiovascular wellness. Heart disease, known as the silent killer, takes many years to develop. This pathway proactively looks at the most accepted markers for cardiovascular fitness and provides a proactive wellness plan to address negative values. Nutritional, behavioral, and activity recommendations are given. 

This is good for individuals dealing with:

• Metabolic Syndrome

• Personal or family history of Diabetes or Heart Disease

• Elevated or imbalanced lipid profile / cholesterol

• Elevated A1c 

Testing could include:

• MD RX for labs above at patients primary clinic (or) outsourced via labcorp

• DNA - (weight plateaus, mental health/brain health, Heart Health, Macronutrient, Sat. Fat Response, lactose/gluten, nutrient metabolism)

• Omega Quant

• Nutrigenomix

• RMR/AMR - active and resting metabolic rate assessments

The Weight Management Pathway

The Weight Management Pathway is ideal for those looking to alter their body composition. This could be to establish a healthy BMI or gain muscle mass. Individual metabolic needs will be established through the completion of a Resting Metabolic Rate assessment.  RMR can be determined by estimations or through indirect calorimetry using a metabolic analyzer. 


Fluid Health & Fitness offers an estimated caloric guideline for all members using the Harris Benedict BMI calculator found on their personal Fluid virtual platform. Caloric needs and macronutrient suggestions are listed on the site, and change with activity factors and exercise requirements. 

Indirect Calorimetry

For those who can complete an assessment in house, we also offer indirect calorimetry using the Korr Laboratory Technology Metabolic Analyzer.

A (RMR) is a measure of the number of calories (energy) used by one’s body daily for essential life processes.  It typically accounts for 60-75% of the total calories a person burns each day.  The remaining percent of calories burned come from digestion, activities of daily living, and exercise.  Another component to the RMR measured is a calculated respiratory quotient (RQ), which shows, in essence, what percentage of calories burned are coming from carbohydrate vs fat vs protein.  All of this information can prove extremely beneficial to individuals in different ways, dependent on the individual’s personal dietary and lifestyles goals. Client’s nutrition and exercise plans can be adjusted based on objective measurement

Why Measure RMR?

Everyone’s metabolism and caloric needs are different, as well as each individual’s macronutrient balance needs.  One’s metabolism is affected by:





Body Composition

Activity Level

Other physical and environmental factors

Clients Learn:

How many calories they can consume without gaining weight 

What caloric deficit is required to lose fat 

Their unique personal metabolic requirements (carbohydrate/fat/protein balance)

How many calories from exercise should be included in a balanced weight loss program 

How many calories are burned from fat compared to carbohydrates

Testing could include:

RMR/AMR - active and resting metabolic rate assessments

Omega Quant

Spectracell Nutrients

DNA - (weight plateaus, mental health/brain health, Heart Health, Macronutrient, Sat. Fat Response, lactose/gluten, nutrient metabolism)