The Fluid Core| 6 training model is a unique, proprietary, training system. By using four progressive stages of development, we will match you at your current level of conditioning.

Understand your body

Poor posture, movement redundancies, over training or a lack of activity in general can create posture and movement compensation patterns that evolve into injuries.

Know better.

We will teach you how to identify these patterns in your posture and/or movement to gain a better understanding of your unique body. See us as your trouble detection system to prevent injuries before they happen.

Injury proof your body

Our system adapts and develops exercises that allow individuals to perform activities of everyday life more easily and without the risk of injury.

Move better.

We are movement restoration specialists. Using our Core| 6 functional movement assessment you’ll be graded on the posture and movement quality of six key areas of your body. The assessment determines which stage of strength development that is best for you.

Uniquely personal
Built as a group

Feel better.

Our grading system tailors your workout experience to be highly personalized while maintaining the energy and support of a group dynamic. You will get the precision of working with a Corrective Exercise Specialist in a fun and progressive environment.

The Core | 6 Functional Training System. Four stages of training development designed to meet you where you are. Every program includes personal nutrition, strength conditioning, metabolic conditioning, and lifestyle coaching.

In Foundation you will learn to move correctly and restore your ease of movement.

Understand Your Body
Prevent & Eliminate Injury
Reduce Pain

In Optimize we focus on joint strength and stability to equip your body to handle true resistance training.

Improved Body Awareness
Strength & Muscle Building
Increased Endurance

During Ideal we develop full body strength and teach you how muscles work together to create efficient movement.

Adapt To Your Environment
Applied Functional Movement
Increase Balance & Coordination

During Perform you condition your body to work at its optimal level. We can now start to test your body’s limits.

Increased Conditioning & Confidence
Freedom Of Movement
Play & Engage

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