Designed to Move | Flared Rib Cage

  What is a Flared Rib Cage? When the bottom half of the rib cage is in neutral alignment with the spine, it is positioned inwards and downwards. However, if the core muscles are weak, there can be excessive curvature of the lower spine (lordosis) which can pull...


Trying to find inspiration often seems like trying to chase phantoms. When we are looking for it, it’s hard to pin down; however, when we stop the search, it tends to find us. We often tunnel vision ourselves into a few specific categories of how things should be or...
Community Support

Community Support

When we are stressed out, our best line of defense is to positively connect with other individuals. They act as a buffer against life’s difficulties and surprises in the form of emotional support, humor, a partner for fun activities. Sometimes, just having people...

Designed to Move | Elevated Shoulders

  What are Elevated Shoulders? Having elevated shoulders refers to the movement distortion where the shoulder complex and muscles are raised up above the neutral alignment due to muscular strength imbalances around the rib cage and back muscles (rhomboids and...
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