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Most things that we encounter have a natural cycle, including life itself. There is a beauty to how organisms come alive, but there is also beauty when the end comes. Living is about the experiences while death is about the memory and the legacy one leaves behind. Even with the aftermath of horrific tragedies, often come efforts to raise awareness concerning certain social issues, foundations and charities to better the community, and communal bonding to help others. So, why then, do we stress about death?

Adding Perspective

Except for the minority who have had near death experiences, most of us don’t know what it is like to be anything but alive. The sole mission of the brain and body is geared towards our survival (think about instincts, gut feelings, fears, and anxieties). As a result, death is considered the ultimate negative consequence. With that said, death is also an inevitable part of the life cycle. Just think of the rest of the animal kingdom and the ecosystems which thrive on instinct rather than intellectual thought. We, humans, have a complex way of framing the world and analyzing our thoughts in ways that other organisms do not have the capacity to. Our downfall is when we expend too much energy towards trying to account for every possibility and outcome that we forget to experience living.

Thoughts for the Week

Both life and death are inevitable parts of the life cycle. To fear death is to also fear living, because avoiding everything out of fear means to close yourself off from opportunities which prevent you from living fully. So, if there is something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t because of fear, why not take a risk and allow yourself to experience what life has to offer?